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Centerline violation -- USAV | Volley Talk

1) Some part of your body must remain on or above the center line. If your whole body is on the other side of the net, it's a violation. 2) If any part of your body is across the center line (even partially), it is a violation if there is interference with the opponent.

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Centerline Violation. Players are not allowed to cross or touch the centerline that divides the court in half. You may see the referee call a centerline violation by blowing his whistle and pointing to the line.

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7. Is It Illegal To Step On The Center Line In Volleyball? The line in the middle of the court is called the centerline. It is ok for your hand or foot to touch and even cross the centerline, as long as: The hand or foot is still touching the line and does not cross completely over into opponent territory.

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This new series (Your Call) will improve your interpreting of the rules as well as teach you how to correctly handle difficult situations when refereeing.You...

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Basic Violations in Volleyball. Consecutive Contacts. A player may not hit the ball 2 times consecutively except when blocking, provided the contacts take place simultaneously. However, a player may make consecutive contacts on the teams first team contact, provided the contacts occur during one action. Four Hits.

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Center Line Violation. There is a centerline underneath the net that divides the two halves of the court. Players cannot have any part of their body cross this line, as if they do it will result in their team losing a point and they could also possibly cause an injury to the other team. In the case of a hand or foot, the entire hand or foot must cross the line for this violation to be called.

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Players attempting a spike, or kill, have to keep the ball inbounds. Catching or throwing the ball isn't allowed, and a referee can call carrying if the ball appears to be in a player's hands too long. During a serve, it’s a “foot fault” if players step outside the service zone.

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