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Urban Dictionary: volleyball player

Urban Dictionary: volleyball player. Top definition. volleyball player. sports. a girl who loves volleyball and has great passion for the sport. whether she’s a hitter, setter, or ds she will work her best to win and show dedication to the sport. a hitter will get kills, a setter will get assists, a ds will get digs and it’s all so they get that sense of excitement to get one point closer to a win.

Urban Dictionary: Volleyball

volleyball. a difficult game, consisting of skill, endurance, and alright, spandex. in the game, one will serve a ball, or toss it over the net several yards in front of you, then, run back up to your spot, try to 'set' the ball, and then spike the shit out of it, into someones face, preferably. however, on occasion, they, they being the dirty whores you are playing against, block it and it comes back and hits you in the face.

Urban Dictionary: Volleyball Girls

Urban Dictionary: Volleyball Girls. Probably the most attractive, most coordinated and talented sports players you'll ever come across. They're pretty, outgoing and are always making jokes. They can be very clique-y, but if you make friends with one of them, you're friends with all of them. They often post a lot of Instagram pictures of them spiking a ball or making an A+ serve, in fact, their whole Instagram may (or may not) be dedicated to their volleyball life.

Urban Dictionary: Author Volleyball Player #5

volleyball Best sport in the world!Not just girls in spandex.It's harder than it looks but once you try it your hooked.Point of the game-keep the ball in the air until you get it over the net.Once you get the feeling for it you want to play 24-7.

Urban Dictionary: volleyball ass

The best kind of sports ass and/or white ass.

Urban Dictionary: volleyball bra

a girl version of a bro and wears spandex regularly around the house, outside, under sweatpants. Goes to volleyball 3+ times a week. Use their slang words normally. Eat breath and sleep volleyball

Urban Dictionary: volleyball knee

the disgusting smell that comes from your knees/knee pads after a good day of practice.

What does 'nah he tweakin' mean?

According to Urban Dictionary “tweakin” is described as the act of not making sense of anything or saying something stupid. What did Lil Nas X say? Instagram account @rap posted a photo of skateboarder Tony Hawk with the caption: “ #TonyHawk’s blood is being used in $500 limited-edition skateboards .

What does player mean? player Definition. Meaning of player ...

noun. a person who dates more than one person at a time, usually just for sex or other perks. Will typically do anything to have sex with someone. Carries a heavy negative connotation. Usually used to describe males, but could be used to describe females who act in this manner. Often pronounced " playa ".