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Understanding Set Numbers - VolleyDojo

Every volleyball coach will have a different numbering system for their sets. This is known as ‘set numbers’. Before the ball is served by the opposing volleyball team, the setter makes eye contact with each of their hitters (front and back court) and gives them a hand signal signifying what set to expect. Some sets require the hitter to leave early and get in the air before they see where the set is going.

Do jersey numbers mean anything in volleyball?

What do numbers mean in volleyball? This means the team is playing with one setter and 5 hitters. The setter stays on the court and sets from both the front row and the back row.

A Simple Guide to Volleyball Positions and Rotations ...

The numbers identify the serving order. 1. Volleyball position numbers. It’s also important to know that the position numbers DON’T CHANGE, but the players move through the positions. For example, position 2 is always in the front court on the right hand side, and position 6 is always in the middle of the back court.

Volleyball Uniform Decoration Rules | Epic Sports

The Basics: A standard high school volleyball uniform consists of jersey, shorts, gym shoes, socks and knee pads. Jersey: No midriff, may tuck in, or hang below waist. Undergarments: The color of undergarments must match primary color of uniform. Numbers, logos and trademarks. Number location: Not more than 5 inches below shoulder seam.


f. Numbers shall be a contrasting color to the uniform top and meet all other specifications in Rule 4‐2‐4. ART. 3…Each player, including the libero, shall be identified by a number on the uniform top which is not a duplicate of a teammate’s number. ART. 4…The number shall be: a.

Volleyball Set Diagram - Coaching Volleyball

Volleyball Set Diagram. Below is a volleyball set diagram. It outlines the different sets we used when I coached collegiately at Brown, and how we defined them. This is based on a system popularized by the USA men back in the 1980s. They divided the net into 9 zones of 1 meter each. On top of that they added set heights ranging from 1 to 5 ...

Volleyball Training - referee signal of player's numbers for ...

The purpose of this instructional video is to enhance the non-verbal communication between the R1 and R2 referees, as well as the coaches, players, and fan...

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6 positions of volleyball with Abbreviations The following image is the same 6 positions of volleyball with abbreviations - to help you to comprehend the line up sheets below. All the 6 positions of volleyball in 5-1 Volleyball Rotation Right Back Position (Position 1, Right Back, "Zone 1")