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http.7/www.volleybaHdriHs.tv/volleyball-drills/are-you-the-queen-of-the-volleyball-court • Set a goal number of points. We'll say 10. The teams only earn points on the queen side. • One side of court is named the "winner (Monarch) side" and the other is the "challenger side." • Put one team on each side (make them race to earn the court).

VOLLEYBALL skills, drills & more!

OHSVCA COACHES’ CLINIC... skills, drills & more! Presented by: Tina Jasinowski, Alter Girls' & Boys' Varsity Volleyball Coach Page 4 footwork drills (GREAT for WARM-UPS)

Volleyball Skills & Drills

volleyball skills, techniques, and tactics—while steeped in tradition—are constantly evolving. Volleyball Skills & Drills contains all the new and updated techniques and tactics and will become a fixture in your volleyball library. This book will be a great resource for your coaching and teaching of this great sport.

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e. Volleyball is a visual motor sport with the emphasis on the visual. Basic Drills for each skill 1. Passing drills a. Toss, Pass, Catch : Partner/coach tosses ball player passes off platform and partner/coach catches ball and repeats. 20 reps and switch. Focus is on hands and wrists together and straight and simple arms. b.

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General Drills Best Beginner Volleyball Drills The best beginner volleyball drills are usually quite simple and short. These drills pull out one major feature of a skill at a time and work it until an athlete is entirely comfortable before moving on. For example, a hitting drill will work on either speed or accuracy but

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Volleyball Drills page . 15. Forearm Passing From a Toss Drill. Purpose: This drill is for practicing forearm passing in a controlled setting. It permits one person to practice with-out being concerned about his or her partner’s ball con-trol. Personnel: Two players. Equipment: One ball. Explanation: One player is a tosser and stands at the net

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This competitive drill works best for players who already have a good degree of ball control. 1. Split into teams of 3 (if you have 10 players, you can make 1 team of 4). 2. Team A starts on one side of the court with no one on the other. 3. Coach tosses a ball to one of the players. That player passes the ball to another player and

“MAKE IT FUN” (Drills to do just that!)

(Drills to do just that!) 1. “Spiders & Snakes” (6 per court) 2 Spiders at the net and the rest (Snakes) in a short st line at the opposite baseline. Coach feeds a ball to the 1 snake, who cannot lob the fed ball. Play out the point. If the snake wins, he nd approaches the “T,” where a 2 ball is fed. Play out the point. If

Volleyball Drills for Beginners - Best Volleyball Drills

Check out our collection of volleyball drills for beginners – including basic techniques for passing, setting, attacking, serving, blocking and digging. Over The Net Purpose To help players learn to serve consistently and accurately.