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Tennis Serve Technique – 7 Steps To Correct Serve | Feel Tennis

Tennis Serve Technique – 7 Steps To Correct Serve. Step 1: The Stance. A proper tennis serve stance is when your feet are positioned so that the front foot is pointing towards the right net post (for ... Step 2: The Grip. Step 3: The Hitting Part – Loose Drop, Swing Up And Pronation. Step 4: ...

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http://www.feeltennis.net/serve-technique/If you want to learn how to serve in tennis with correct technique, then follow these 7 steps that guide you throug...

How to Serve in Tennis: 7-Step Tennis Serve Tutorial (With Video)

How to Serve in Tennis: 7-Step Tennis Serve Tutorial (With Video) The tennis serve is one of the most important shots of the game. There are many different types of serves tennis players can use, from hard and flat, to angled with sidespin. With solid form, consistent momentum, and just the right timing, you’ll be hitting aces in no time.

How to Serve in Tennis: 6-Step Guide | TennisGate

Your front foot should point in the direction of the net post. Your back foot should align with your front foots heel. Your racquet is at hip height in front of the body and pointing in the direction of your target. Your left hand is holding the ball and is placed close to the throat of the racquet.

How To Serve In Tennis In 5 Steps? [2021 Updated]

While in platform serve posture, your feet are apart and fixed on the same spot throughout the service—even as you bend, coil, tilt and launch upwards into the serve—in pin-point stance, you close the gap between the back and front foot as you launch upwards for the ball.

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Tennis Serve Lesson for Beginners - How To Hit a Serve

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Making technical adjustments is difficult for players of all levels. In my experience this is the best way to make significant changes to your technique, and...

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Normally, the server would prefer a “continental grip”, which is a grip in which your right knuckle is lined up with the right edge of your racket and causes your racket to become a straight line to your arm. This would enable the server to serve accurately with control and power.