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Games, in contrast to points, are counted as 1, 2, 3… Winning a Set. The first person to win six games, wins a set, but this has to be by a margin of 2 games. Eg. six games to four (6-4) or seven games to five (7-5). If the score is tied at 6-6, then a ‘tie-break’ is usually called. Tie-breaks are scored in ones (0,1,2,3…) and not using the 15, 30, 40 pointing system.

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In order to win the game, a player must win at least four points. If you are up 40-30, 40-15 or 40-love, and win one more point, you win the game. If the score is tied in a game or set, you use the term “all” when announcing the score. For example, if you and your opponent have both won two points in the game, the score would be 30-all.

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A tennis match is composed of points, games, and sets. A set consists of a number of games (a minimum of six), which in turn each consist of points. A set is won by the first side to win 6 games, with a margin of at least 2 games over the other side (e.g. 6–3 or 7–5).

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In tennis you have games, sets and matches. 1) Games: games are short, one person serves for the whole game. Then in the next game the other player serves. The games take anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes to play. 2) Sets: a set is made up of games. The first player to win 6 games while winning by 2 games, wins the set.

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Rotation of sides on the tennis court is continuous during a match when the total number of games in a set is an odd number. For instance, let’s say the total game score in a set is 5-4. Just add 5 + 4 = 9. 9 is an odd number, so the competitors rotate sides before starting the next game.

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Points win games, which win sets, which win matches. If we price points, we can price games, sets and ultimately matches. Understanding the probabilistic relationship between these is important when betting on tennis.

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Point Values In A Tennis Game. Each game in tennis is played to three points, but just like a set, you must win by two. The confusing part for most new tennis players is that we don’t simply use the point values such as 0, 1, 2, 3… instead, we assign special point values: 0 points = Love; 1 point = 15; 2 points = 30; 3 points = 40; Tied at 1 point = 15-all

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