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Section 01 - The Forehand Racquet Drop Explained - FTP Tennis

During the racquet drop the the front foot should have stepped forward. And the front foot should be pointing towards the net post. Racquet Position. After the arm has straighten out the racquet should be allowed to drop on its own. This part of the swing should start in a relatively slow fashion which means just let gravity drop the racquet.

Tennis Topspin Secret - Racket Drop & Release - YouTube

Click For Free Video: http://www.topspeedtennis.com/tennis-topspin-forehand-lower-body-movement/ Tennis Topspin Secret - Racket Drop & ReleaseIf you're look...

The Modern Forehand Drop & Wrist Lag Techniques ... - Feel Tennis

The benefit of this forehand drop technique is that it allows the player to accelerate the racket head faster since the wrist is looser. But, while you do get more power with this technique, you also have a much smaller margin of error.

The Racquet Drop - Jim McLennan's Essential Tennis Instruction

And when aligned the player simply pulls the racquet into contact This pulling action occurs on the forehand and backhand and sometimes referred to as the “slot” Maybe this would be called leverage On the serve this “drop” occurs from a loose motion, even enhanced by loosening the grip

Tennis Forehand Drop Techniques - Control Vs Power

http://www.feeltennis.net/forehand-wrist-lag/Roger Federer's forehand technique and how he drops the racket and creates wrist lag has been analyzed to the sm...

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Fix Problems With Your Tennis Forehand Swing

Your racquet head might be dropping below your hand at the point of contact. The long axis of your racquet should be horizontal on impact. If the head is far below your hand, you'll tend to "golf" the ball upward. Hit with more topspin.