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Tennis elbow - Basic First Aid

Apply a cold compress or ice pack on the affected elbow at least 20 minutes for 6 times everyday. Alternately applying hot and cold compress since this helps in relieving the swelling and pain caused by tennis elbow. Use a supportive strap in order to help in minimizing the strain placed on the affected tendons.

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Visit http://www.eMedicineHealth.com for first aid and consumer health information. Copyright 2008 . Tennis Elbow Treatment . Self-Care at Home • Ice the area twice a day for 20 minutes to help to decrease inflammation and relieve pain. Freezing water in a paper cup and tearing away the top rim as the ice melts is an easy way to use ice.

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Simple first aid measures to help with Tennis Elbow Inflammation usually causes the pain, to reduce the effects of inflammation you can: Simply Rest – by resting for a couple of weeks and avoid tennis activity can help reduce pain and inflammation; Apply an ice pack to the affected area – after a game use a covered ice

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Start below the elbow joint and finish putting compression on above the joint. The compression bandage should be as tight as possible without cutting off blood circulation. The use of a pressure bandage should be continued for the first 2-3 days. Elevation. Swelling can be reduced further by keeping the elbow elevated, preferably above heart level.

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Tennis elbow is an overuse injury, so if you don’t address the root of the problem, it can become a long term issue. A trained Clinician will be able to use a variety of treatments – including acupuncture, ultrasound, hands on techniques and tailored exercises.

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You may be able to avoid or prevent tennis elbow. It helps to maintain strength and flexibility in your wrists and arm muscles. You can do this by using light weights to strengthen and doing exercises to stretch. This is especially important for people whose sports or jobs put them at risk.

Tennis Elbow Treatments & Remedies: Ice, Rest, and More

Make sure you have fresh, dry tennis balls. Wet or "dead" tennis balls can aggravate your elbow. Finally, be sure you warm up and stretch your arms gently before playing racquet sports (or any ...

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The aim of applying ice is to relieve pain. 20 minutes with an ice pack every other hour for a day or two has a good effect. Even though there are many commercial ice products available, the best solution is often a plastic bag filled with crushed ice and some water. Place a damp towel between the ice pack and skin.