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Deuce in Tennis: Meaning, Origin, When to Use & Most Ever

Origin of Deuce: Etymology. The origin of deuce can be traced back to the Latin word for two, duos, or perhaps more appropriately the French word for two, deux, as tennis has its roots in France. Beyond that, it’s unclear how the number two relates to the game in the context of scoring.

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Deuce (so called when the score reaches 40-40 in tennis) is also thought to come from the French. It could derive from the word deus, Old French for two or from à deux de jeu (meaning two points from the end of the game).

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Ever wondered where this terminology ‘Deuce’ originated from? It comes from the Anglo-French word ‘Deus,’ French word ‘Deux’ and Latin word ‘duos,’all meaning: two. Many speculate that since the game of Tennis has its roots in France, the term ‘Deuce’ might have been derived from the French word ‘Deux.’

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It is likely tennis derives from game played in medieval France in which a clock face was used to keep score. Points in the games were incremented in multiples of fifteen (the 'forty' call is thought simply to be short for 'forty-five', and sixty, the top score, was never called as the game ended when this score was reached). Other peculiarities of tennis scoring include the term 'deuce' and ' love '.

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On the other side, the term “Deuce” is used for the score of “40-all”. It also means two in French etymology. If the score in tennis is “15-0” then it is also called as “15-Love”. Similarly, for the score of “30-0”, it is called as “30-Love”. But when the score is tied at “40-all”, it is often called as “Deuce”.

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A player must score at least 2 points more than the other player to win a game. If the game is tied, most tennis games progress through deuce (a tied score of 40-40), advantage, and then game point. To keep score in French, use the following words: Pas de point (no points): 0 zéro (zee-rroh) Premier point (first point): 15 quinze (kanz)

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Thereafter, "deuce" ("Égalité" in French) is used for all other occurrences when the score returns to "40 all" within the same game. In standard play, scoring beyond a "deuce" score, in which the players have scored three points each, requires that one player must get two points ahead in order to win the game.

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Tennis Players and Team French Vocabulary. A player = un joueur/ une joueuse. A doubles’ pair = une paire de double. An opponent = un adversaire. A team = une équipe. A mixte team = une équipe mixte. A team captain = le capitaine de l’équipe. A coach = un entraineur. A national team = une équipe nationale.