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Managers can be obtained through Scout, Club Scout, and Event Rewards. Manager Spirials can be obtained through Scout and Dispatch. Manager Spirials are used as a currency to upgrade the corresponding managers. However, Manager Spirials cannot be converted into coins like Player Spirials do since they are not applied with the cycle structure.

[Guide] Choosing your End Game Managers ... - Soccer Spirits

1) Use all managers that increase the capabilities of your players & increase your team ability (TA) 2) Useful managers that give rare in-game items that can improve your team significantly (Spirit Stones > Marineco) After the top 2 priorities are fulfilled, 3) Farming managers are then used - Perial / Ingram etc.

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Clover should be high on your list of managers to get. Olivia. Olivia has a very watered down ST active - giving only 5 (10) every 4 hours - while her passive is a watered down version of Eve - giving a mere 10% {20%} match exp bonus. The only thing she has going for her is the bunny outfit. Anne.

Manager Guide : soccerspirits

Hi doods ! I used to play Soccer Spirits a couple of years ago, the last 6* unit released was Queen iirc, so around that time. I'm currently playing Epic Seven, and I wanted another game to play at the same time, so maybe its time for me to finally get back to SS.

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Welcome to the Soccer Spirits Wiki! Soccer Spirits is an Android & iOS sport card game by Com2uS and developed by BigBall Co. Ltd. Anyone can contribute and help our community! Soccer Spirits 5th Anniversary Special Full-Animation Revealed!

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Hey there, everyone. Here's an updated version of the Managers Guide for the Reborn update. Once I build a PC I'll make a video version. I'll be keeping this up to date and tweak it as needed. Within you'll see information for Manager actives and passives seperated by Sponsor, Trainer, and Scout, as well as optimal Manager formations.

Good managers for scouting? : soccerspirits

Lucy : "Increase Power and Technique of all players by 15". Sigmund : "Use skill of your equipped sponsor + Increase MAX ST by 10". Ingram : "Use the skill of your equipped trainer + Decrease ST consumption by 10%". These are the most popular managers and probably all of these guys will be your "ideal" end game managers.

Soccer Spirits Guide For New Players 2020 - Gachazone

Welcome to Soccer Spirits. You may feel lost in the beginning because there seems to be a lot going on–and there is. This guide is to share what I wish I knew a year ago. For reference, I’m currently rank 124, >2600 rating in PVP, didn’t reroll, run mono-thunder, and have been playing for 18 months with roughly $15 per month spent.

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Watch to learn how to build a team in soccer spiritsHey Chibis! I am back and feeling a lot better and doing a team building video about soccer spirits! I my...