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U6, U7, U8 – Maximum recommended soccer goal size is 4′ x 6′ U9, U10 – Maximum recommended soccer goal size is 6’6″ x 18’6″ U11, U12 – Maximum recommended soccer goal size is 7′ x 21′ U13 and up – Maximum recommended soccer goal size is 8′ x 24′ See US Youth Soccer’s web page listing recommended maximum soccer goal sizes

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National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) The NFHS stipulates that, for high school soccer, a goal should consist of two upright posts that must be placed along a goal line and are between 4 and 5 inches in diameter. They are joined by a horizontal crossbar that must be equal in dimensions.

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Two soccer organizations regulate the size of high school soccer goals. Recommendations ...

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Find out what soccer goal size you need. Soccer goal dimensions vary by age group. Plus, SOCCER.COM shows you what else you need to set up a goal.

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Official Regulation Soccer Goals. Since 1865, the official soccer goal size has been 24Æ x 8Æ according to FIFA rules. Both menÆs and womenÆs professional leagues including but not limited to the MLS, La Liga, English Premier League, and NWSL use a 24x8 soccer goal. 24Æ x 8Æ is also the standard for NFHS (high school) and the NCAA (college).

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Other Goals. Goals used for youth or indoor soccer are not the same size as a standard soccer goal. Youth soccer goals are typically between 6.5 and 7 feet tall and 16.5 to 21 feet wide. An official indoor soccer goal is 6 feet 6 inches tall and 12 feet wide.

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Soccer Goal Post Dimensions. The height of a soccer goal is 8 feet/2.44 meters and the width is 8 yards/7.32 meters. Soccer goal dimensions – IFAB. The shape of the posts can vary from a square, rectangle, round or elliptical – professionals use round posts.

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Soccer field. The size of a standard soccer field is: Touch line (length): 100 yd (90 m) to 130 yd (120 m) Goal line (width) : 50 yd (45 m) to 100 yd (90 m) The size of an international field is: Touch line (length): 110 yd (100 m) to 120 yd (110 m) Goal line (width) : 70 yd (64 m) to 80 yd (75 m)