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20 Basketball Shooting Drills for Lights-Out Shooting

Drill shooting options: - Catch and shoot - Catch, pump fake, shoot. - Catch, pump fake, drive. - Catch and drive. - Catch, one-dribble pull up. - and any others you can think of. The coach must first tell the players which shot type they’re going to work on first. On the coaches call to start, the first player starts weaving in and out of the cones.

Basketball Shooting Drill Video - Quick Shot

This is 1 of the 12 shooting drills that we gave to anybody who purchased our Breakthrough Basketball Shooting Guide as an unadvertised bonus. Don Kelbick was kind enough to supply us with these videos. This drill is great for developing a quick shooting release. It provides a game-like situation that forces you to shoot quickly. Instructions:

Basketball Shooting Drill - The "Quick Six" Drill

Quick Six Drill. This is a great basketball shooting drill that can be used for warmups before your practice or games. “ It’s called the “Quick Six” drill, and this basketball shooting drill allows athletes to concentrate on making the shots. “ In it, the athlete simply works on his throwing and making six shots – 2 layups, 2 face up moves and 2 jump hooks.

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3 Man 2 Ball Shooting (video) 3 Point Shooting Drills. UCLA Shooting Drill (video) Basketball shooting Drills For Shorter Players (video) 3 Spot Warmup Drill (video) Tips For Better 3 Point Shooting. 3 Pass Lay-ups, Mascot Drill. 3 Man Weave Shooting. Shooting Drills For Footwork.

16 Basketball Shooting Drills (Quick Jumpshot Improvement ...

Performing the drill: The drill starts with a player in the corner with their hands & feet ready to shoot. They will take their first shot off of a catch-and-shoot in the corner. The next shot is a 1-dribble pull-up from the corner. This can be executed off of a shot-fake or off of a catch & quick dribble pull-up.

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Form Shooting Drill #6: Ball Pick Ups - Shooting off the Dribble. This is a vital shooting drill for learning how to properly shoot off the dribble. It reinforces good habits of bringing the ball into your shooting hand. By doing this, it helps develop consistency where your shooting release is coming from the same spot on every shot.

8 Individual Shooting Drills - Basketball Coaching

shots – attack twice with right hand and twice with left hand. Player then shoots 8 three point shots (wing, pro spot, wing pro spot) on the left. Side. (Wing, pro spot, wing pro spot) on the right side. -Finish drill with 4 free throws. -Lay ups and stop and pops all worth 2 points. -3’s all worth 3 points.

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Break your team or your gym class into two different groups, one starting from one baseline and another starting from the other. As soon as the whistle blows, each team is given a single basketball and a single player from that team will have to run out to a cone (any cone) and shoot their shot.