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Basketball Unit Plan - Student Portfolio

TLW demonstrate different skills of basketball to try and score points. TLW apply different skills learned in the unit to play 5-on-5. Learning Activity: Warm-up 3 laps High knees, butt kickers, lunges, side lung - up to half court line and back. o Arms across, arms over head, toe touches, quad stretch, butterfly, pretzel.

Basketball Unit Goals and Objectives

High School: Upon successful completion of this unit, students will: 1. Shoot both layups and jump shots using correct basic form. 2. Effectively pass a ball to teammates in a game situation. 3. Demonstrate both zone and man defenses and be able to use both in a game situation. 4. Use various offensive teamwork strategies to score on an ...


Warm Up: Introduction to Basketball – Lunges Laps/ Stretch warm up Body (25 min.): Learning Activities 1) Introduction to Basketball Dribbling – dribbling left, right hand walk to gym and back. Run back and forth - Stationary position (following teacher) dribbling high above waist, low as low as possible, weave between legs.

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Basketball Lesson Plan. Josh has taught Earth Science and Physical Science at the High School level and holds a Master of Education degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. Use this lesson plan as an ...

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Basketball Skills(MS 6-8) - OPEN Physical Education Curriculum

In 2019, 128 years after Dr. Naismith’s first game, the OPEN Basketball Nation celebrates the roots of the game by providing physical educators and youth coaches the tools to teach basketball as a lifelong activity that promotes the very best in humanity. This Middle School Basketball module is just one part of the OPEN Basketball Nation ...

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Check out the Basketball Unit Resource Pack (TPT) Basketball Follow the Leader Pack. All of our follow the leader packs are a “technology upgrade” for anyone with a screen that goes along perfectly with the Unit Resource Packs. Included in this download: 3 Follow the Leader Videos (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced) Animated GIF Looping Videos

Grade 6 Basketball Unit

Grade 6 Basketball Unit. This website offers four sequenced lesson plans useful for a Basketball unit at the Grade 6 level. The following lessons have been used in a Grade 6 Physical Education class with great success. It is our hope that teachers will find these lessons useful and be able to implement them in their future classes.

Year 9/10 Basketball Unit and 7 Lesson Plans to Teach The ...

Summary: In this highly detailed unit and sequence of lesson plans, students learn all of the specialised movement skills and theory behind the sport of basketball. From the structure of the court, to the fundamental skills that are required to dribble, shoot and pass, this is an ideal unit for years 9 and 10 but could also be used in other areas.

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W = Waist high 3 things that are illegal to do will dribbling… - Travel: taking steps while holding the basketball without dribbling or up and down (lifting pivot foot off ground). - Double-dribble: dribbling the ball with 2 hands at the same time OR dribbling, stopping, then dribbling again. - Carry: hand under ball as you dribble