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• Play space is a basketball court (add a second court if too crowded). • Give positive specific feedback. Designate 4 students as “taggers;” they wear pinnies. • Each student (including taggers) has a basketball and is dribbling. • On your signal, taggers attempt to tag as many students as possible without

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We will begin with a quick jogging and stretching routine. Followed by having the students get in five lines starting at the baseline with six people in each line spaced six feet apart. I will instruct the students to stand there and dribble the basketball for thirty seconds. Blow the whistle for them to stop, then ask them to dribble for thirty more seconds.

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Basketball Dribbling Cues Assessment. At the end of the unit I give my 2nd graders a verbal quiz to see if they know the 3 cues for a basketball dribble, this is one of our common report card assessments for 2nd grade (details on how I do grades here).

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Feed the Frogs – Great lesson to teach children about keeping eyes up with dribbling a ball with finger pads. Building Dribblers – Kids work together to build a structure while working on their basketball dribbling skills. Grades 3-5. Card Sharks Basketball Passing – Practice chest and bounce passes using a deck of cards. Dribbling Beanbag Transfer – This lesson helps teach students how to keep their eyes up when they are dribbling a ball. Grades 6-8

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Give each student a ball and line up eight players at the end of the basketball court. If you have more than eight, you will want to create two or more lines. Tell your students they are to going to be learning different dribbling techniques (see below list).

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Each student in the front of the line should have a basketball. Students will dribble down the court in a variety of ways. Each drill will be done 3 times. *Remind students to keep their head and eyes up while dribbling so they don't run into anybody. Students dribble down the court with their right hand.

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BASKETBALL LESSON 1 4th-5th GRADE ACTIVITY #2 Dribble and Move • Students begin dribbling and moving inside the court area. • personal space. Each student must maintain personal space by keeping his or her head up. • Start with dominant hand dribble. • Change to non-dominate hand dribble.

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Ball Handling & Dribbling Skills(Primary K-2) This module introduces children to ball handling skills and movement concepts most often associated with the sport of basketball. Hand dribbling, passing, and receiving (catching) are the primary skills emphasized. However, a variety of other learning outcomes are also addressed within the module’s activities.

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