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Basketball 101: 6 Dribbling Drills to Improve Your Game ...

Dribbling is a fundamental basketball skill that requires hand-eye coordination, good timing, and practice. Mastering the dribble can help you protect the ball from your opponent and advance the ball to the hoop to score points.

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20 Basketball Tips for Dribbling to Improve Your Ball ...

Dribbling is the means to advance on the court, manipulate opponents and get past them, and achieve the basic goal of the game – scoring points by putting the ball through the hoop. Thus, improving the basketball dribble is like improving strokes in swimming, the swing in golf, or skating in ice hockey.

Top 21 Basketball Dribbling Drills To Improve Ball Handling

With the basketball in your right hand, cross it over to your left hand by dribbling it between the legs about mid-way across the floor, tapping the ground only once. Once you perform the crossover between the legs, touch the wall with the hand that crossed over the ball, in this case, the right hand.

Top 10 Basketball Dribbling Drills - A Comprehensive Guide

1- Improve Your Footwork To Dribble Better In Basketball Footwork is at the heart of everything that you do on a basketball court, primarily because of the speed at which the game is played. Footwork is also a critical component of the game because of the confined spaces within which you are forced to compete on a basketball court.

10 Basketball Dribbling Drills that Give Your Players Better ...

1. Dribbling through an Obstacle. Basketball dribbling drills with cones or other obstacles are an excellent way of building your players’ agility and footwork. Set up 5-10 cones in a straight line and have the players slalom in and out of the cones as they dribble.

50 Basketball Dribbling Drills (Develop an Amazing Handle)

This drill involves dribbling from ankle to shoulder height. Start by dribbling the ball at your ankles and gradually dribbling the ball higher on each bounce. When you get to as high as you can ‘kill’ the basketball by stopping it a few inches off the ground and dribbling back up to your shoulder. 26.

How to Dribble a Basketball (3 Killer Drills for Beginners)

A general rule of thumb while dribbling the ball is to keep the height of the bounce between your knee and waist and never dribble it higher than your belt line. The lower the ball, combined with your body also being low, the more difficult for the defender to steal the ball from you. 3. Keep Your Head Up.

Basketball 101: 8 Ways to Improve Your Basketball Skills ...

Prioritize ball control. Developing stronger dribbling skills is the easiest way to become a better basketball player. To work on this skill, start in a centered athletic position: keep your nose behind your toes and your hips loaded without leaning your body forward.

How to Dribble a Basketball (7-Step Guide + Drills)

The first step in learning how to dribble a basketball is to relax your fingers and make sure they’re spread out evenly on the basketball. Young kids have a tendency to keep their fingers together unless they’re taught otherwise. Spreading your fingers out increases the surface area and gives the player more control.

Basketball Dribbling Drills – POMBA

NEXT: Basketball Passing Drill PREVIOUS: Basketball Shooting Drills 6. Dribbling Lines Overview: This is a simple drill to teach the basics of dribbling to new players. It’s a good way to introduce new moves without overwhelming them and will also help to improve the technique of the movements players already know.